What is Odin?

Odin is the simple e-book reader. Also is possible to use as file converter with internal and external filters with codepage conversion of course.

Odin is not only book reader. It's the book database:
Odin allows to store books and to operate the information on them.
Odin allow ordering automatically a book collection. Just add some thousands unsorted books in Odin's library for making completely ordered book collection with the minimal efforts.

Odin was specifically designed to make the reading experience of large text files (electronic books) most convenient and effective. Why is this important ? Reading HTML (text, program documentation, e-mail etc.) is different from reading books. Reading books demands more time and effort, and there is greater strain on the eyes. Besides, book-reading usually occurs continuously, unlike the reading of HTML text where reading and rest constantly alternate.

It means, therefore, that more comfortable conditions have to be created for reading books. Otherwise, the reader's eyes will quickly get tired and the risk of sight deterioration will increase. The main aim of Odin is to prevent the possibility of sight deterioration due to extended reading.

Save your eyes while it is still possible !


Odin features:

Odin can scroll text automaticly, you can setup scroll speed.

Odin can read TXT, HTML, XML, and FictionBook files (all versions) (.FB2, .XML). It means that you don't have to buy electronic books anymore, as there are lots of public libraries on the Internet.

Odin can read file compressed with Gzip(.gz, .Z), Bzip2(.bz2) and from ZIP archives (not fully implimented).

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